Meet The Team

Our Team

Larry Worth

Executive Director of Diversity & Inclusion Services at ViaQuest, Inc.

Larry leads a team that works with corporations, non-profit organizations, government agencies, school districts and other entities that seek a disability inclusive culture.  Larry’s passion, energy, and insightful direction have led to hundreds of people with disabilities entering into the workforce within a multitude of industries.
Larry is a member of “ADVICE,” a national autism inclusion consulting team, sponsored by Autism Speaks, the New York Collaborative for Autism and the Poses Family Foundation. Larry is also a member of APSE, the Association of People Supporting EmploymentFirst. 

In addition to his major responsibilities at ViaQuest, Larry manages the ViaQuest Foundation, a non-profit with the mission of providing inclusive opportunities for veterans and people with disabilities. 

Prior to over 10 years in the disability industry, Larry has started up and owned small businesses, worked as a change agent for transitioning corporations, and has held several positions in sales, marketing, and operational management.  Larry credits his success in the disability industry on having a corporate core; marrying sound business practices and strategies with the incredibly meaningful work of proving that people with disabilities are game changers! 

Larry holds a Bachelor of Science, Business Administration degree from Franklin University.

James Emmett

Founder and CEO of James Emmett & Co.

 The James Emmett brand is one of the most recognizable in the field of disability inclusion. He is currently the Lead Strategist of the Workplace Initiative for the Poses Family Foundation where he oversees strategy development & implementation of projects that impact the area of disability inclusion.

James has worked on many of the most visible disability & inclusion projects in the country with companies like Walgreens, Best Buy, Office Depot/Max, PepsiCo, and Mercy Health.

Working through APSE HR Connect, James serves as lead consultant for TIAA-CREF's "Fruits of Employment" project. Also, in partnership with the West Suburban Chamber of Commerce & Industry, James helped develop and narrated a video entitled, "Improving Customer Service for People with Disabilities” which has been viewed over 16,000 times on YouTube.

James’ career vision is to forever change the business and disability communities by helping hundreds of companies create disability inclusion brands.

Jon Stoops

Corporate Disability Consultant

Jon Stoops has worked directly with James Emmett for several years.  James and Jon are national leaders in the development of employment services for persons with disabilities, and assisting corporations in the creation of outreach efforts to the disability community.
Jon served as the Executive Director for the White County YMCA where he was instrumental in creating a community based and funded YMCA.  Jon then took his business leadership into the retail industry where he operated a national brand restaurant in a multi-unit capacity.
In 2008 Jon was awarded “Business of the Year” by CDC Resources and White County Indiana for their efforts in hiring individuals with disabilities.

Since partnering with James Emmett, Jon has worked with many companies including Office Max, Walgreens, Pepsi, Sears, Direct Employers, Roses for Autism, Tangram, Mercy Hospital in St. Louis, Rising Tide, Ability Beyond, and several other not-for-profits assisting with the development of various disability outreach programs. Most recently, Jon has worked with the Poses Family Foundation helping create coalitions in Missouri and Kentucky linking agencies with businesses, and creating jobs for many individuals with disabilities.
Jon Graduated from Goshen College with a degree in Education.   

Lauren Todd Steinbacher

lead Consultant for the corporate division of ViaQuest Diversity & Inclusion Services at ViaQuest Inc

Lauren has assisted businesses, both local and national, with developing a disability inclusive workforce which has led to careers for hundreds of people across the nation.

Lauren is an Ohio APSE (People Supporting Employment First) board member, and a member of ADVICE, which is a group of expert consultants that specialize in creating pathways for employment for people with autism. ADVICE is funded through Autism Speaks, The New York Collaborative for Autism, and the Poses Family Foundation.

For the past 15 years, Lauren has been dedicated to creating an inclusive lifestyle for those with disabilities. Starting her career working with individuals with Developmental Disabilities in residential settings, to then working in Employment Services to help individuals gain true employment in the community, Lauren has helped individuals with disabilities become meaningful partners in their communities. Lauren is certainly a leader in the disability community and is honored to make a difference in so many people’s lives.

Lauren holds a Bachelors of Arts, Psychology degree from the University of Akron.

Ashley Radca

lead Consultant for the transition services division of ViaQuest Diversity & Inclusion Services at ViaQuest Inc

Ashley has assisted school districts across the state of Ohio with transition services, including creation and implementation of employment programs.

Ashley is a member of ADVICE, a group of expert consultants specializing in creating pathways for employment for people with autism. ADVICE is funded through Autism Speaks, The New York Collaborative for Autism, and the Poses Family Foundation.  Ashley is also a member of Ohio APSE (People Supporting Employment First).

Since 2009, Ashley has been dedicated to creating competitive employment opportunities for people with disabilities. When Ashley began her career in employment services, she developed a passion for this field after realizing the self-worth and independence that is created when people obtain employment and are given an opportunity to earn a living and given a true sense of value in their community.

Ashley holds a Bachelors of Arts, Psychology/Sociology degree from Western State Colorado University.  

Bill Emmett

Project Coordinator

Bill has been involved in numerous national disability inclusion projects at James Emmett & Co (JEC) for the past 3 years.  Working as project coordinator, he has led in initiating marketing materials, developing and creating websites, as well as assisting with business development across multiple industries.  In addition to working at JEC, Bill serves as a consultant for Tangram Business Resourcing on the “Diversity Your Way” project.  He has done ground work, coordinating efforts with community organizations, and transition programs through high schools and higher education.

As a member of The ADVICE Team, a group of expert consultants specializing in creating pathways for employment for people with autism, Bill serves as project coordinator and assists in expansion of the project.   

Bill holds a Bachelor of science degree from The University of Wisconsin-Madison.