School District General Services

Department Strategic Planning

OFFER will assist with identifying the status of your district’s special needs programming K-12, or specific programs, and will work with your team to create a strategic plan that will produce successful outcomes for your students and district based on the Employment First program and national trends. .

Program Assessment, Evaluation & Recommendation

Program assessments and evaluations are some of the core services provided by OFFER. Many school districts request our assessment services to provide the district with an outside perspective of their transition programming. We can provide recommendations on how to capitalize on areas of strength, or how to make improvements to provide stronger transition supports.​

Community Integrated Employment Programs

If your district is looking to enhance your transition employment program or to initiate a new employment program, OFFER has the experience and creativity to design community-integrated programs that will meet all outcomes of your district’s transition program. Training and ongoing support are included to ensure the success of all programs.

Autism Specific Employment Programs

OFFER works with your transition team to develop programs designed specifically to prepare your students with autism for employment. Our expertise in building business partnerships is beneficial when designing autism-appropriate work experiences. We are dedicated to sharing the incredible opportunities that abound when hiring students with autism, for both the student and the business partner.

Pre-Employment Training Programs

We have designed many successful school-based, pre-employment training programs to start the students moving toward a path of success. We work with your team to develop meaningful, deliberate and focused pre-employment training programs, work experiences and career exploration opportunities that lead directly into community integrated employment programming.

Community Partner Development & Job Development

Helping students get jobs, making connections in the community and navigating the “adult services world” are some of the most common voids of service. OFFER brings all of the above program experiences together to fill that void of service for the district. We partner with corporations large and small to connect them to disability resources…like schools.